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Harvest Bloom Natural Light Photography

Capture this special time for your soon-to-be-grad. Celebrate this life and honor the moments with a senior photography session. Harvest Bloom Photography has a style and approach that is both modern and creative, yet personal. Senior photography done well, produces images that remain relevant showcase pieces for years to come.
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The Harvest Bloom Experience

Harvest Bloom Photography creates an experience that is relaxed, yet structured in a way that every session is planned out just for you. I believe in giving my clients a creative and unique experience during every bit of the photography process & I strive to provide the best possible service from initial contact to the last print order.

Why Harvest Bloom Photography?

• Carrie aims for each session to be a pleasant experience and a cherished memory.

• Your session will be built to embrace nature in a way that is unique to you.

• The sun will be used as a light source and give each image a natural glow.

• Each subject is showcased in a dynamic way.

• Carrie will guide you in choosing a desirable, beautiful, and simple setting.

Visit the FAQ page to learn more about what to expect on the day of your shoot.

Carrie Harvey


As a natural light photographer, I find beauty in nature and the simple things this world has to offer.

I am Carrie and I have a passion for photography, people, and life's priceless moments. My photography is about the experience and memories that are captured at each session. I love nature, and I enjoy sharing that love with my clients by taking them into nature where they can have an experience along with making memories.

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